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    Although this won’t be for a while, once the garden starts to warm up, I’m going to have a few raised beds built on the only flattish part of the garden, outside the shrine room. In total something like 6 – 10 sq metres. We get veggie boxes from a nearby organic farm and I want to keep them in business too. Also I’ll have to take account of Scotland being a lot colder than where many of you are gardening. If I want to concentrate on things that are ‘special’ or normally expensive to buy, what would you advise I start with? I used to grow a lot when I was in London, several decades ago – much warmer! Also only ‘ordinary’ seeds were available – not the vast variety you can get now.

    Also, out of interest, I’m going to put in some fruit trees, probably next autumn as I think I’ve missed the planting window. This is the soft fruit area of Scotland and the hillside where I am was once all orchards, which were taken out when the houses were built. I have room to replace a number.


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    David Hope

    It is important to fill the beds with the best possible growing medium. Will you be using garden soil? If  so, is it sand-, clay- or limestone- based, or a deep, very rich loam? Depending on the ‘heart’ of your soil, you may need to add a lot of compost. In Worcestershire, we’re fortunate in having a source of municipal compost, made by the council from green waste delivered by people to local collection points.

    Namo Amida Bu


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    I’ll have to check! I don’t have enough garden soil – we are on Kinnoull hillside and the soil is very shallow. The hill is covered in woodland. I’m making lots of compost with bokashi bran, have 2 huge tubs so far and will keep adding that as I make more. I’ll have to get other growing medium from Glendoick garden centre and can ask what Branklyn Garden uses – we’re just up the hill from them – they’re closed at the moment.

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    Vajrapala Moerman

    Dear Sujatin,

    We – in Belgium –  have fine results with artichoke, which is rather difficult to find in shops and maybe also rather expensive.

    Other ideas are : the green leaf vegetables such as endive, arugula, spinach, parsley, chervil, chard grows very well here and also very long .

    And maybe beetroot and zucchine? that grows very good here….

    Dependant form the type off ground you have….

    we have sand-lime and we have also much sun, which is very important.

    Namo Amida Bu


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    Thank you – great ideas!


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    Fi Curnow

    I would say grow leeks – they are quite tolerant of cooler climes but also when you buy them in supermarkets they invariably have the tops cut off – and those are the bits you want to make leek and potato soup out of!

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    Love leeks – a good idea!

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    Axel Benz

    I would suggest kale, brussel sprouts, broad beans.

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    Axel Benz

    My wife just said: beetroot, parsnip, Jerusalem artichoke, savoy cabbage and ‘Stängelkohl’ (Brassica rapa subsp. sylvestris)…

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    Thank you both – that should keep me busy! Still waiting to have the raised beds built

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