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    Hi everyone

    Spring is here (in the northern hemisphere) and I want to see some gardens. I’d love to see both your gardens, and your favourite gardens to visit. Do share photos below. If you’re not sure how to post a photo – drop me a line.

    I’ll begin with a photo I took in Kyoto at the famous Kokedera moss garden at Saihoji Zen temple. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has over 120 different types of moss – and is very beautiful, even in the winter. It snowed a little whilst we were there.

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    That is very beautiful.

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    Fi Curnow

    Probably won’t be very spectacular compared to other people’s, but just to give you all a chuckle, here’s Psychedelic Zebra reminding us we can lean into the Buddha.  Sometimes very literally . . . 

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    Vajrapala Moerman

    I really like to share the photoos of my garden, but it seems not to go to put them on the site. Maybe my internet is not strong enough.

    But…. it is really a paradise here, first we had yellow daffodils, now we have tulips red and yellow, the yellow forsythia did flower and now the jasmine flowers, there are thousands of blue forget-me-nots along side our paths, white spiraea is flowing, violets purple and yellow, the white blossoms of the apple trees and pears, the cherry trees, the big magnolia off our neighbors.

    And every day we see new flowers coming up, what a gift, what a grace to live here…. never thought I should ever be so fortunate.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="512"]Dandelions Dandelions on allotment path.[/caption]

    Our allotment starts at the concrete post. You can see a corner of the winter and annual vegetable garden and some of the forest garden area.

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