Training Events

Weekend Retreat
1st – 2nd April 2017
Re-discovering Self, Opening to Otherness
Maitreya House, Herefordshire

Are you seeking to change the direction you find yourself travelling in? Do you feel concerned that you don’t have time to be present with yourself, to be grounded and feel creatively engaged with life?
If these things ring true on some level then you may be interested in what a Buddhist retreat can offer.

What is a retreat?
A retreat provides an opportunity to put aside the concerns and demands of your everyday routine and the habits of life. It does so by means of taking us out of the busy environments we inhabit and patterns that are orientated towards doing and productivity. These are not inherently bad things to be engaged in but we can find that we begin to lose site of what is important or worse still feel under pressure in our occupations to the point of exhaustion. You could say we also lose ourselves.
People who go on spiritual retreats often report feeling more grounded, centred and in touch with themselves. Those who go on retreat regularly find these qualities pervading the rest of their lives, and can exist more and more from their human potential and with a sense of greater presence in the things they do.
Being on retreat means sharing time, and inspiration with a diversity of people who share a spirit of curiosity about being in touch with a more nourishing engagement with life. Many people find that a sense of community develops as a retreat progresses, and lasting friendships can be born from their experience.
Retreats are not ‘holidays’ however, they are an opportunity to deepen self awareness and awareness of others and the world around you. A retreat gives you space to clarify what is essential in your life. And it is often a challenging and life changing experience.
Re-discovering Self, Opening to Otherness
In this retreat we are offering you a means to explore the field of meaning in which your life rests, to think about your own purpose, aspirations and relationship with the world through meditation and creative expression. The retreat venue is set within the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. In such a space we can learn more deeply about ourselves and each other, and also the natural world that supports our very existence.
The perspective that this kind of exploration brings supports us to look at our lives in new ways and perhaps find renewed inspiration and purpose to be wholehearted in all that we do.

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