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Awareness is curative. ~ Fritz Perls

I am an experienced BACP Accredited psychotherapist, supervisor and spiritual mentor working in Malvern in the UK, or on Skype. I am a Buddhist priest with the Amida Order and I run a Pureland Buddhist temple in Malvern with my husband Kaspa.

In a typical therapy session my clients will talk about what’s happened during their week, things that have been troubling them, memories that have come up, their relationships, their dreams, how they feel about being in the session today, or whatever else comes into their minds.

Together we follow this material and it takes us where we need to go, even if sometimes we’re not sure where we’re going until we get there. The therapeutic space will begin to feel safe and reliable and this tends to deepen over time.

I will notice links and patterns, ask you questions and share insights. Sometimes we will talk about our relationship and how this might mirror the other relationships you have. More than anything I will listen carefully to what you are saying and make sure that I understand what is happening as closely as I can. Through this process of awareness you will become clearer about what you are saying and we are also taken into fresh territory.

This less structured kind of therapy can sometimes feel mysterious but after many years of working in this way I have a deep faith in the process.

My orientation is integrative, and I am influenced by person-centred, existential and Buddhist thinking. I have trust in our capacity to change, whilst being realistic about how difficult this can be. I enjoy my work and see it as a great privilege.

I am a BACP Accredited therapist, and have been working in private practise since 1997. My original training was person-centred. In 2011 I completed a two year Buddhist psychotherapy training with the Amida Trust and in 2012 a supervision training run by Karuna, a Buddhist organisation.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~ Rumi